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Used Transformer Oil Collection

We collect Used Transformer Oil (UTO) for reprocessing enabling you to meet the requirements of the Ministry for the Environment and ISO 14001 which covers the handling, transportation, and regeneration of the UTO oil.

We have dedicated tankers and ISO containers dedicated to transformer oil to ensure products supplied are in no way contaminated.

Arrangements can be made for drop off or collection New Zealand wide. 

All collections receive a Certificate of Disposal which includes carbon reduction impact statement.

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Transformer Oil Testing

eNZoil offers a transformer oil testing service. We help our clients determine their transformer oil properties, identifying issues before they become serious. We are able to offer a wide range of oil testing including:

    • Moisture analysis – IEC 60814
    • Dielectric breakdown – IEC 60156
    • Acidity – IEC 60296
    • Dissipation factor and resistivity (DDF) – IEC 60247
    • PCB tests – ASTM D4059
    • Furan analysis – IEC 61198
    • DBPC analysis ASTM D4768
    • Density – ASTM D4052
    • Viscosity – ASTM D445
    • Corrosive sulphur test – ASTM D1275B
    • Oxidation – IEC 61125
    • Sediment and sludge – AS 1883
    • Flash point – ASTM D3828
    • Pour point – ASTM D97

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Corrosive Sulphur Removal

eNZoil is a specialist in the removal of corrosive sulphur. We have worked with major industry clients as a part of their transformer maintenance programs to completely eliminate corrosive sulphur problems. Tests on jobs completed since 2007 show the eNZoil transformer oil and transformers are still going strong.

Do the job once with eNZoil and it is job done…. and its way better for the planet.

Our white paper on this topic can be found HERE

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