eNZoil Regen's out perform new oils !!

We have claimed that under test our regenerated oils have out performed  popular and internationally regarded new oils. Well here is some time lapse video evidence to back this up.

The two videos below capture the results of a four day chaos test where we put eNZoil CG and SY Regen oils up against two brand new oils from two internationally recognized suppliers of transformer oil. All oils are fully inhibited samples.

The two oils on the left are eNZoil SY (back) & GC (front) Regen oils and the two on the right are the new oils.

We really push these oils in our laboratory to get them to breakdown. The test represents an accelerated oxidation and stability test.

And the winner is…..eNZoil SY Regen


Day 1 – This is a time lapse of the first day of testing from the fresh oil batches. Note the colour of the oils at the beginning of the test and how these change showing the amount of oxidation taking place. 

After playing the Day 1 video try resetting it to the beginning using the slider. Then play the Day 4 video to get a graphic comparison of the changes that take place over the four days.


Day 4 – is a time lapse of the fourth and final day showing the complete breakdown of the oils.

eNZoil SY and GC Regen oils clearly show better performance under extreme conditions.

Extrapolating these results, eNZoil CG and SY regen oils will resist oxidation two and three times (respectively) as long as a new Type B oils.