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A wholly owned New Zealand company eNZoil has been supplying transformer oil since 2004. We are New Zealands leading producer of regenerated transformer oils.

More than recycling, we regenerate used transformer oil; returning it to “as new” naphthenic transformer oil. Our products are tested to the same international standard as new oils –  IEC60296 Ed5 2020 standard.

Operating as an industry-aligned circular economy we provide a premium quality product that has clear sustainability, environmental and financial benefits to our clients operations. We have an independently assessed LCA and can provide our customers assistance to align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, achieve carbon reduction targets, and better alignment to the Waste Minimisation Act (2008). 

eNZoil processes over 1 million litres of service aged transformer oil annually with a recovery rate of 99.45%. That’s 1 million litres less oil being mined, processed and transported to New Zealand. 

eNZoil Exchange Partner

To get your transformer oil at the best price with the best possible carbon and environmental footprint, why don’t you talk to us about becoming an Exchange Partner. You will be doing our planet a favour by reducing the need to import new oils and avoid the associated harm from the mining, processing, and shipping these require.

As an  Exchange Partner all you need to do is deposit your used transformer oil with eNZoil in exchange for one of our high performing regenerated oils.

Our Products

 Contact us for advice about which of our oils is best for your situation. We can do custom blends.

All our products are available in volume from local stock, avoiding current international logistics and price fluctuation uncertainties.

eNZoil product can be shipped in volumes from 209 litre drums, through to 24500 litre ISO containers or via tanker trucks.

Thank you to all who visited our stand. We had some genuinely interesting conversations about how eNZoils business model and industry changes are challenging organizations to rethink their approach to transformer oil.

“Asset not a Consumable”

eNZoil is pleased to participate in MPI’s Biosecurity Business Pledge initiative, playing our part in protecting NZ from unwanted pests and disease is just a natural extension of our companies environmental values.

“A cleaner tomorrow doesn’t have to cost the earth”

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